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Carefully Curated Style

Founded in 2021 by Teresa, Madison, and Amelia Clayborn, Clayborn Collection is a hand-picked selection of the perfect staple women’s clothing, home, and lifestyle pieces for the modern woman. The inter-generational vision of our collection is to source women with the perfect balance of on-trend and classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Our unique viewpoints create a carefully curated style, one that will seamlessly match your personal aesthetic. All too often trends come and go, leaving us with dated wardrobe pieces and home decor. Our goal is to bring you the perfect happy medium, items that are both fashionable and classic.

You’ll find each of their personalities highlighted throughout the collection, showcasing a wide range of styles. Similar to the relationships between Teresa, Madison, and Amelia, the collection works together to create a unique and versatile selection of pieces in hopes that you will see parts of your own personal style represented as well. 

Teresa's Collection

She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. She brings us the heart of the collection. Like her, the pieces she chooses are full of warmth and life. From keeping an effortless home to her clean and tailored personal style, her timeless look is the perfect addition to round out our collection.

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Madison's Collection

With an eye for design, Madison brings the collection together with her own blend of styles. She loves intertwining the character of vintage, natural elements with a modern, fresh twist to create unique looks. She lives by the power of elevated everyday wear as well as a funky statement decor piece.

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Amelia's Collection

It’s the fresh fits we all need in our lives! Amelia will keep you young not only with her vibrant personality, but with the trendy pieces she gravitates towards as well. With an emphasis in streetwear and the finer things in life, she brings her casual chic aesthetic to the Clayborn Collection.

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